Dora to Become More Like Barbie


Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer grows up.

This makes me a little sad.

My kids and I LOVE Dora the Explorer -- the cute, inquisitive, shorts-wearing, tom boy Dora that plays with monkeys and loves chocolate.

But Mattel and Nickelodeon just announced that Dora is going to grow up and get a makeover in the form of a new interactive toy doll that loves fashion. She's ditched Boots for much hipper tween buds with prettier hair, Dora's Explorer Girls.

In addition to the preschool Dora that spends her carefree days finding mystical locales like Rainbow Mountain, a second older version of Dora will pour all that curiosity into "solving mysteries." I just hope those mysteries will amount to more than trying to find great earrings at the mall.

The idea behind the new Dora doll, which will retail for $60, is that while preschoolers adore her, they drop her like a hot potato as soon as they turn 5. Don't worry, the preschool Dora isn't going anywhere. But the marketers and toy makers have created a second persona that will "grow up with her fans" -- as well as extend a very profitable brand.

Dora the Explorer has been one of the most successful "properties" for nearly a decade, the president of Nickelodeon said in a press release, with an average of 21.1 million viewers, including 6 million preschoolers, tuning into the television show each month.

Tween Dora moves to the big city and attends middle school and has a whole new fashionable look. The doll won't be revealed until sometime this fall -- but you can see from her silhouette above that she has much longer hair, likes skirts and girly shoes.

She can be plugged into the computer, where girls can access an interactive online world, allowing them to  customize their doll and watch as she magically transforms right before their eyes. For example, by changing Dora’s hair length, jewelry, and eye color on screen, the Dora doll magically changes as well.

This is the worst I've felt since Thomas the Tank Engine got animated faces and moving mouths. Can't they leave anything to the imagination these days?


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andre... andreamom

My daughter is currently 2 years old, and she's fascinated by Dora.  I also like the Dora The Explorer shows, and games because they're mostly educational, and adventurous.  I don't see anything wrong with Dora growing up... kids eventually do grow up.  My only concern is that is she growing up to be superficial?  I don't like that type of role model for my daughter.


Hello... HelloMom1

So glad to know I'm not the only one miffed about the Thomas thing! LOL

mom2-... mom2-2crazyboys

I think it is sad that they are destorting a popular preschool icon for modern ideology. Pitiful. I am so dissapointed. I think that this is just going to make the younger girls want the "new" Dora and make the old style Dora not feel suitable for the boys.

SxdUp... SxdUpAngel

Just when I thought I'd seen the end of Bratz dolls they'll show up in the form of Dora.  Yippee.  Can we add angry to the poll?

sunsh... sunshine06

1.  there is no way in hell I am paying 60 bucks for a doll.  Just not going to happen.

2.  When they changed blues clues over my kids stopped watching it.  All of them hated it.  The older ones, the toddlers, even the baby.  I figure the same is going to happen with Dora.

3.  Why do we need another Barbie type doll.  Hasn't barbie trashed enough little girls views on what is pretty?  Just what we need.  Another doll telling girls they aren't pretty unless they are tall, skinny, with perfect hair and expensive clothes.  I liked Dore because she was short, chunky, and wore garanimals.  Now she's shopping at express for kids.  Great.

4. I will not let my kids watch it.  I don't like the idea or what it is pushing on kids.  Less education and more fashion.  No wonder American kids are so far behind when it comes to education.  They are to worried with looking like pop stars and dolls.

Love2... Love2babies0708

My 17 months old love Dora she sings the song everyday and she even sings it to her baby brother. aw how sad.

madisay madisay

What my daughter will be sooo. sad. We watxh Dora all the time. Grated her voice goes right through me but come on. Our children just love her they nedd to leave he alone. I just don't understand why they can't leave well enogh alone.

Organ... OrganicMermaid

As a mother, it saddens me. Dora is a great preschool role model. But then again, it's not like they're eliminating the old school Dora, simply adding to the collection.

As a business entrepreneur, I can't say I blame Mattel/Nickelodean to try to increase their profits; after all: that IS the point of a business.

I guess I'm 75% in favor of it, 25% against.

Satyr... SatyrsMom

Most of them probably don't have kids and all they see is money even if they do. Dora is a nice image for girls and I like that she is a tom boy. In reality she would probably stayed the same as she grew up. But girls today start doing make-up and nails and big girl stuff and 7 and younger now days and they want to show that and make money, not change the idea that that you have to look 16 at to be cool. My sister is 14 and is one of the only girls her age that aren't showing off what they have. She is punk and likes to look like she stepped out of the 80s and does not own a dress or a short skirt that doesn't come with pants. Dora is one of the last things that little girls have.

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