Sneaky Signs of Strep

strep throatMy husband had to go to the doctor this weekend for a sore throat -- negative for strep, just a virus. Phew.

Now that our kids are toddler and older, strep bacteria loves our house. It wasn't an issue when our kids were babies. Babies rarely become infected, probably because the antibodies they receive before birth are still at work and most babies have very small tonsils.

Did you know that strep sometimes shows up in different forms and on different places of the body other than the throat? I didn't until I read this article from the March issue of Parents that I wanted to share:

Step Impetigo

How to spot it: A rash, usually around the nose or mouth. It starts as red sores that rupture within a few days and form yellowish crusts.


Genital Strep

How to spot it: Pimples or a bright-red rash, possibily with a white coating, around the private parts. Anal strep causes painful bowel movements, causing your kiddo to complain of a sore bum. Vaginal strep makes it hurt to pee.

Scarlet Fever

How to spot it: (I remember this as one of those deadly diseases on "Little House on the Prairie," but apparently it's still around today!) It appears as a red, sandpapery rash on the body (usually groin and underarms), and it may appear along with strep throat.

The article says you should contact your child's doctor if you spot any of these signs, since antibiotics may be necessary to kick it.

Has anyone in your household come down with strep this year?

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