Product Review: Reusable Lunch and Snack Bag

A few weeks ago I reviewed a disposable juice bag -- here's another eco-friendly, toddler friendly lunch solution: The BatikBag ($6.50) a handmade reusable sandwich and snack bag from one of our own CafeMoms!

Karin (aka EuroMomTX), who makes and sells the bags on her Etsy site, is a toddler mom like you and me who just wants her son to eat! Two-year-old Duncan always says he's not hungry, but unless he's made to eat, he gets very cranky.

Two things have worked really well for Karin. First, she often lets her son graze throughout the day by serving him fruit, cheese and meat in an ice tray. And then she plays the "guess what's inside" game -- handing him a snack in one of her super-cute bags.

"Turns out that to a toddler, food is much better when it's a surprise!" Karin says. "He loves finding his snacks in the bags."


They measure a little bigger than a quart size ZipLoc and are made from sandwich PUL, which means the waterproof layer is fused between two layers of polyester. This creates a less bulky single layer bag (rather than those made from a cotton outer and a leak-proof inner liner).

The PUL  never touches your food. Clean the fast-drying material it by washing with your regular clothes or rinsing under a faucet. It comes in in the "melon" color shown here, but you get to pick from 11 different snap colors.

++What little tricks and games do you play with your toddler to try to get her to eat?

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