Are Your Kids Still Eating Peanut Butter?

It's me, the "bad mommy," again.

Of course I've read the news about salmonella in peanut butter -- how could anyone not! And they recently expanded the list of peanut butter products on the potentially contaminated list.

But I still haven't tossed the jars or the peanut butter filled pretzels in my house yet. And if my son asks me to make him a PBJ for lunch today, I can't guarantee that I'll refuse.

We tend to buy the organic, natural peanut butter, so I think that's safe.

I'm not sure if I'm my blase attitude toward this national health threat is because the thought of checking websites to see if our particular brand of peanut butter makes the tainted list overwhelms me to the point of disinterest, or if I'm desensitized to anything the media tells me these days -- legit or not.


So please don't bash me. But tell me -- do you feel the same or the opposite? Are you paranoid about peanut butter?

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