$100 for a Used Blankie?

lost lovie black market on eBay

Photo by ddpool

Cute, but not my son's Yellow Bear!

Would you pay that?

I would. I'd pay double or triple that (can someone loan me?) if I could find a replacement for my son's particular lovie, his Yellow Bear. He's not lost, but this once soft and plush stuffed animal is so worn, dirty and disintegrated that I'm surprised he hasn't given up the ghost already.

I've exhausted all my leads to find another Yellow Bear (my son's name for him). I looked at the Carter's website and even wrote an e-mail to their customer service department.

I've done dozens of web searches, but not having the exact name that came on the bear's original tag, I've come up empty.

I even tried the Lost Lovies group here, and eBay a while back. No luck there, either, but I do know that many moms have found lost lovies on that site. Parent Dish says there's actually a blankie black market of sorts on eBay!


The writer of the piece did a quick search on eBay. A Carter's baby security blanket lovey bunny sells for $59.98. The seller reminds buyers the bunny blanket is "hard to find." A super soft pink sleeping cat goes for $49.99.

As she says, "it's not that these are special loveys in high demand, it's that when a parent does need one, they need it desperately. And will pay anything for them!"

I may indeed be crazy to consider paying that much, but what about you?


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