Drowning in Artwork? Clever Space-Saving Tips

The thought of tossing something our child painted, penned, or crayoned--even the merest scribble--can give us the guilts. But we have to throw some of it out, otherwise we'll go broke buying all those plastic storage containers.

cyndi323 in the Preschool Moms group (requires membership) has a great space-saving idea: "You could always take pictures of the artwork and then download them to your computer. You can have them as screen-savers. Or you can frame certain artwork and put them in their room."

And here's callansmomma's very practical approach.


"We keep the important ones.  Like the first drawing, first one where he colored things the correct colors (firetruck red, water blue, etc.), and some others here and there. He colors so much and draws so much that if I kept it all it would fill a room.  Some days he colors 5 to 6 pages. This year I plan to get some nice, white frames and hang some of his artwork in his room. I plan to change it out periodically." Go to the group page to get more great tips. 

Then contribute some of your ideas here.

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