The Name Experiment -- Are Moms With Same-Name Kids Alike? Part 2

moms with same-name kids

Cafe Cynthia's Aidan

I'm conducting an experiment among moms who picked the same names for their kids. We obviously think alike in some respect. Maybe we are alike in other ways as well.

This time, I'm one of the lab rats. With help from the CafeMom Baby Name Finder, I chatted yesterday with another mom of a Carolyn, the name of my daughter and a very unpopular name.

Today, my interview with aidensmomma508, aidensema, and myself -- three moms with sons named Aidan, a really cool and super popular boy name.


The name Aidan doesn't even show up on the name charts until the 1990s, when it shot up the popularity rankings as nearly a vertical line. It's ranked number 50 among CafeMoms (Jacob and Michael are still number one and two).

Why did you pick the name Aidan?

Cafe Cynthia: We actually thought we were picking a unique name. We didn't know a single Aidan at the time -- young or old. And I swear I had never watched one episode of Sex and the City, so we had no idea this name was on an upswing!

aidensmomma508: My husband and I went through a baby name book and picked some names we liked. He picked Aiden as one of the names, and it was the only one that we could agree on. I liked it because I hadn't heard that many people with that name, and I thought it was cute. I did see the character Aidan on Sex and the City and I liked him.

aidensema: I actually chose Aiden while watching Sex and the City (hubby doesn't know!). I just fell in love with the name and wanted it if I ever had a son. We were told we were having a girl, so I was quite disappointed when I thought I wasn't going to get to use it, since we decided that we would only have one child. I love the name because it means "little fire," and our Aiden is truly fiery.

Did your son's heritage have anything to do with the selection? Aidan is a gaelic/Irish name.

Cafe Cynthia: Yes, my husband is first generation Irish, and my son's grandparents still live there. Those blue eyes (now green) and little upturned nose clinched it. The name also flowed very well with his middle name, Patrick, after his grandfather.

aidensmomma508: My son is Polish and Portuguese.

aidensema: Yes, it has to do with his father's heritage, he is half Irish and half Polish.

There are lots of variation in the spelling of Aidan. Why did you pick the one you did?

Cafe Cynthia: I thought it was an uncommon name and didn't consider all the alternatives, so we just went with the traditional spelling. We do pronounce it the Irish way though -- without the "d" sound -- so that the second syllable sounds more like a "uhn" than a "duhn."

aidensmomma508: I chose the "e" in Aiden because of the baby name book. It said Aiden was the American version of Aidan.

aidensema: I chose the "e" because it just flowed better for me.

moms with same-name kids

aidensmomma508's Aiden

What were your runner-up names?

Cafe Cynthia: Kieran, Angus, Shea, and Cian.

aidensmomma508: I liked Kayla for a girl and Anakin (Star Wars) for a boy.

aidensema: I didn't have any runners up, unless you count the girl name I was all ready to use: Alexandra Hannah Grace.

Does it bother you that you son's name is not unique? Would you have considered another one if you knew how many there are now?

Cafe Cynthia: Maybe, though it's hard to think of my son named anything else. Sometimes I'm slightly miffed when I'm at the park and hear three other mothers yelling to their Aidans. My son will always turn around and get confused.

aidensmomma508: It doesn't bother me that my son's name didn't turn out to be unique, and I wouldn't have named him anything else.

aidensema: No I'm actually very happy my son's name is being used a lot. Coming from a different country, my name -- Noa -- is a boy's name here, and I just hate it when people ask for Sir Noa or Mr. Noa. It's a girl's name in Israel, but it translated into a boy's name here. With the name Aiden, you cannot get confused because it is so common. Aiden will never have a problem with people pronouncing or understand that he is a male.

moms with same-name kids

aidensema's Aiden

I wonder if you and I have anything in common because we picked the same name?

Cafe Cynthia: I really like gardening, Irish dance, hiking, biking, chick lit, blue ticking stripes, cleaning my house, chocolate, back massages, boots, traditional, linen pants, The Office (BBC), pizza, ice hockey, getting an early start on the day, teal blue, rocky beaches, green gingham, cooking, seafood, hydrangea bushes.

I really don't like horror or kung fu movies, anchovies, running, crowds, chicken wings, being late, gold, lots of makeup, loud music, bubble baths, tight jeans, red peppers, an unmade bed, sand in my shoes, foggy days, musicals, red pens, shag carpets, plastic grocery bags.

aidensmomma508: I like hiking, and boots, and shoes in general. I like chocolate too, but that's about it that is the same. I like going online, scrap booking, watching movies, ER, The Office. I like spending time with my family, Coke-Zero, and going shopping.

I don't like sand in my shoes, or wet clothes. It's a pet peeve. I don't like changing movies every two minutes for my son, LOL.

aidensema: I am really an indoor person. I just can't stand the woods. They creep me out. I like sewing and making crafts, creating new recipes and just hanging out. I also love museums and zoos, and experiencing things that are new to Aiden so that I can see it from his point-of-view and get all excited about whatever it is all over again.

++What's your verdict? After reading both the Aidan and Carolyn Name Experiment, are moms with kids of the same name alike or different? Were you disappointed that the unique name you picked turned out to be popular?

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