Autism Doctor Fixed Vaccines Data


According to the Times investigation, in most of the 12 cases, the children’s ailments as described in The Lancet were different from their hospital and GP records. Although the research paper claimed that problems came on within days of the jab, in only one case did medical records suggest this was true, and in many of the cases medical concerns had been raised before the children were vaccinated.

But does this news change the minds of CafeMoms with strong feelings about vaccines?

"It doesn't matter of Wakefield did that or not," says one mom. "There is plenty of evidence against vaccines (and not just MMR or about autism either -- there are a TON more issues with all of them) that were not published by Wakefield and have nothing to do with him, so it doesn't matter. The evidence stands by itself, even without this one report by this one person.''

Another adds, "It doesn't matter if the vaccines cause autism or not. Wakefield is in a position where honesty is of the utmost importance. If he is against vaccines, it is his right to crusade against them -- not misalign studies to back his theories up."

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In other autism news, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington has ruled that families whose children developed autism after taking a vaccine that contained thimerosal aren’t entitled to compensation from a $2.5 billion government trust fund. Read the full story on autism and vaccines in Healthy Living Buzz.

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