Valentine's Teacher Gifts -- Obligation or Overkill?

I wasn't sure whether Valentine's Day was a "gift" holiday, where I need to pick up something for my children's teachers. Last night, as I was helping my daughter spell her preschool teacher's name on one of her cards, I figured that gesture alone was probably enough.

How many more mugs or key rings could the teacher possibly want, anyway? And aren't we going a little overboard with all these  holidays anyway -- I mean, as one blogger on Parent Dish writes, isn't Valentines Day supposed to be all about romantic love, a day for mom and dad?

Then I read this comment from MrsT6102, a former day care teacher:


I used to work at a daycare. Some days I just wanted to rip my hair out, but then you get a little something like that from parents that show their appreciation, and it makes it all worth it. It really does pick up your mood and makes you want to show up at work the next day! That's why I made sure I got my son's teachers a little something. They really do put up with a LOT from 25 little guys every day. They deserve it.

That's enough to send me running to the store. Many preschooler moms around CafeMom are also planning to send in candy or gift cards. They feel it's the gesture -- not the gift -- that's important. It reminds their children that their teachers are working hard to give them a good education, and that while they may not say it, they like to be appreciated.

So now I'm looking for suggestions for my daughter's three teachers. One of them is a huge New York Ranger's fan, so I think I'm good there. Any ideas for the others?

Why -- or why not -- do your children give their preschool teachers gifts for Valentine's Day?

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