Funniest (Er, Embarrassing) Nicknames Ever!

Cynthia Dermody

embarrassing kid nicknames

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We love our toddlers more than anything ... but is this how we show it? By giving them a nickname that will surely make them hate us by the time they hit grade school?

From a discussion going on in the CafeMom Newcomer's Club ... which one gets your vote for the goopiest, afraid-to-say-it-in-public, best nickname ever!?

Hanna Elizabeth = Beth A Bee

Emma Leighanne = Emma Weeanne

Mason Brett = Mr Boo Chunkins

Rose = Princess Poopy Cheeks

Elizabeth = Pumpkin Doodle

Marilyn = Bacon

Ada = Booger

Jack = Butt

Angel = Doober (a combination of dork and goober)

Evan = Byinters or Myinters or Dyinters

Samantha = Matrix Baby

Gavin = Dork Fish (he's almost 10 now)

Kyle = Goo Goo Boy

Kayla = Fartniffer

Jason = Monkey Butt

Greg = Budnick

Emma = Winkle Woo

Carson = Pooper

Tyler = Booby Cakes

A mom on the thread named Christine said today's parents are a lot kinder in assigning nicknames to our children than our folks were to us. Hers was Chrissy Pissy Pants. I'll fess up -- I was a scrawny thing growing up so my dad's name for me was Boney Mahoney.

Can you top any of these -- either for you or your own kids?

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