Your Baby Can Read -- It Worked for Me!

Your Baby Can Read

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Lately, CafeMoms have been asking others to weigh in on the Your Baby Can Read program before forking over the small fortune to buy it. You've probably seen the infomercials -- it's the learning development program developed by infant researcher Dr. Robert C. Tinzer.

The ads promise that by using the DVDs, books, and flashcards, your toddler -- and even your baby -- will be on his way to reading the New York Times before pre-K. It's not cheap -- you can pick up a few books and cards for under $20, but the complete program runs $200.

I'm sure you have opinions on whether a reading baby is even a good idea or not -- and I'd love to hear them in comments. But first I want to talk to real moms who bought and used the program.

Just three weeks after marchmommyoftwo started the program, her 21 month old daughter can read a handful of words without pictures.


Why do you want your kids to read so young?

I did absolutely horribly in grade school, and one of my biggest fears is watching my kids suffer at the things I did and not knowing how to help them. This program allows my kids to learn and have fun. You don't sit them in a chair and scold them for hours or anything. It's mostly the kids wanting to know more.

Some people say that early reading doesn't matter -- they all catch up in the end so this program doesn't really give kids an edge. What do you say?

Well, they don't all catch up in the end, just look at how many high school kids still can't read! There's been plenty of studies on our soon-to-be graduates. I don't want to chance my kids "falling through the cracks" of public schools.

Academics aside, I think this will also help self-esteem. School-age kids have enough to worry about at that age ... trying to fit in or be bullied or scared they don't know as much as the other overly full class of kids.

How do you use the program?

You turn the video on at least twice a day, and pull out the cards only when they are in a good and playful mood (twice a day). They learn more when they're having fun. You read the book at reading time.

When you get this package of items it tells YOU how to teach your kids, it doesn't just leave you guessing at what to do next.

Do your kids enjoy it?

I can't really tell if my son cares about it. He watches the video and likes it. But he just wants to eat the flashcards LOL. My daughter, on the other hand, absolutely loves ALL of it. Her eyes light up when she sees me pull out the cards! I have to hide the cards sometimes just so my daughter takes a break.

Does it live up to its promise? Can your babies really read?

It's only been three weeks, but yes, I think it lives up to what it advertises. What 1 and a half year old do you know that wants to read words like tiger, clap, dog, mouth, arms, up, elephant, cats, eyes, nose and hi!  Without looking at the pictures! These are ALL the words she read to my husband this morning. I didn't even know she new ALL of them till he told me!!!

What would you tell other moms -- buy it or skip it?

I'd recommend it. I understand that every child learns at different rates, but that's what's nice about this program. There are plenty off different angles you can play off of and they supply you with everything, even an interview of the inventor's kids who are now older and how it affected them growing up. I don't intend on making my kids the next  Einstein or anything. It's a head start.

But wait! Before you pull out your credit card, nolaero, has a less shining review of the program. Check for her interview tomorrow in Toddler Buzz.

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