4-Year-Old Dies in Washing Machine

4 year old dies in washing machineI've long wanted to get one of those new front loading washing machines. But after reading this news story today about a 4-year-old who died in a washing machine this week, I've kinda changed my mind.

The girl, Kayley Ishii, from Mission Viego, California, climbed into a washing machine and her 15-month-old brother switched it on. Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino says the machine's controls were 20 inches from the floor and the start switch was a simple push button.


The girl was in the water-filled, tumbling machine for at least two minutes before her mother found her. Her death was ruled accidental.

It's so sad ... and another reminder that we have to stay vigilant. As one mom in the private CM Stay At Home Moms group, which has been talking about the tragedy, says:

Wow, the pain that went through my body at the thought of what a 4 year old must have went through right before she died. I wish this could be a false story because this breaks my heart. Makes you want to grab your child and never let him go.

What steps do you take to prevent your toddlers from getting into appliances and places they shouldn't?

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