Your Baby Can Read -- A Big Bust for Me

Your Baby Can Read

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Lately, CafeMoms have been asking others to weigh in on Your Baby Can Read, the learning development program developed by infant researcher Dr. Robert C. Tinzer.

Yesterday, I talked with marchmommyoftwo, whose toddler daughter is reading away just three weeks after pouring over the infomercial flash cards, DVDs and books.

Today, I asked another CafeMom, nolaero, how she liked the program for her tykes, Nola, 3, and Aero, 2. She didn't. Anyone want to buy a used set?


Why did you want your kids to read so young?

At first I really believed that babies have this ability to learn more at an earlier age, rather than 5 or 6 when they enter kindergarten. I wanted to be able to give my kids the advantage. I think once you can read you can extend your vocabulary to be able to communicate better with others.

How does the program work? What do you have to do?

It comes with 5 DVDs, 5 books, and flash cards. Children watch the video twice a day, every day. A word comes out on the screen and then someone says the word as a cursor underlines it. Then it's repeated and the children try to repeat it if possible.

You're not supposed to let your kids watch TV other than the videos. The books are pretty much the same thing that are on the video. They have flaps with words on one side and pictures on the other, andthey give suggestions on how to interact with your kids and ask questions. The flash cards are just that -- words with pictures.

Do your kids enjoy it?

At first they did. They thought the babies and animals were cute, and they participated sometimes. But after the first week, they were tired of watching THAT movie. They refused to watch it anymore, and I stopped because they had not learned anything beyond what they already knew going in.

Did they learn to read anything?

No. Nothing. My children refuse to continue watching the video. It was too repetitive for them. 

Would you advise other moms to buy it or skip it?

Skip it. It costs way too much for what you get. I'd recommend finding other methods that fit your child. Just reading and pointing the words out to your child serves the same purpose. If you get the chance to see one of these, you'd probably kick yourself and say, " I could have created that!"

Have you used Your Baby Can Read? Did it work, or do you still plan to try it after reading these reviews?

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