Mom Confessions: I'm Dying My Toddler's Hair


mom confessionsIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

"My son is still a baby and doesn't have hair yet, but if his hair grows in red, I will be sad. I will seriously dye his hair if it is really red. No offense to anyone or any kid with red hair ... some are really cute .. and girls with red are very pretty. But I just love blond/brown hair." --anonymous


Is it okay to dye or highlight a toddler's hair to change or enhance the natural color?

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Does a mother have a right to dye or enhance their toddler-age child's hair for preference or cosmetic reasons alone? How much control should a mom have over a young child's physical appearance? What message, if any, does this send to your toddler?

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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scmom... scmomma85

Its dangerous and it will give the kid a complex growing up too.

mommy... mommy112005

Why would you want to dye a toddlers hair? I can't believe some parents would dye their childrens hair just because they didn't like the color. The chemicals are hard on an adult so it would have to be almost deadly to a toddler. I can't see why anyone would do this.

armyw... armywife_2000

I really do hope that this was a we really have moms that would do that???? I would never even consider such a stupid thing!

mommy... mommyuphold

I would never dye either of my babies hair, but thats just me. Heck my DH won't agree to a haircut for our 2.5 year old son, so I know he wouldn't agree to dying it!!

sandr... sandraberke

this is just ridiculous!  why would you want to damage or change any toddlers hair/ its the only time in there life when they don't have split ends and fried hair-you should wait till there a teenager and can say for themselves if they want it done- if you want to enhance there hair color use something like john Freida hair shampoo and conditioner in the color of there hair.

Ashli Ashli

I am completely appalled at this! And I dont cre who disagrees! God made your baby the way he or she is for a reason. Never die a childs hair it send a worng message all around. Theres more to life than the color of your hair.Seriously I hope thisis fake cause I feel awful for this poor baby who has to grow up knowing his mother didn't like him the way he or she was. Don;t be sad be glad you have a healthy beautiful baby that loves you. I just can't believe this .... this is just plain sad.

Deb_J... Deb_Jones

Mothers don't really do this, do they? What is wrong with some people?

pagan... pagan_mama

I have extremely RED hair and when I was little, even a toddler, people would ask my mom if she had dyed my hair. (Never mind that there is NO dye the exact shade of my hair.)  She always though they were slightly crazy to even ask such a thing--now I see there ARE people who would think of doing this! UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE! Also, note to the sick female who is thinking of this--you will have to beach the red out of your son's hair before you can dye it any other color, and good luck on that. You will have to use so many chemicals your child will end up bald or brain damaged or both. You need a reality check.

coutt... coutterhill

My six year old step daughters mom dyed her hair and I still think that is ridiculous. You dont' even know the real color yet. Let them grow up first before forcing them to do grown up things.

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