Links of the Week: On Yelling, Laurie Berkner, and Deserting Your Kids

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Photo by kevinsgirl

Here's a roundup of toddler-related discussions and topics from around the Web that you might want to chime in on:

Do you feel guilty for yelling at your kids? What if that was they only way your child could hear you? Read one mom's story and find out why the tone of voice you use to talk to your toddlers is so important. --

A new reason to teach your kids to say please and thank you -- one day they could thwart an armed robber! --

Sick of the "Ice Cream Cone" song yet? Find out if you should buy the new Laurie Berkner CD "Rocketship Run". --

Discover why one mother takes solo vacations -- leaving the hubby and kids at home. --


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