Opposite Sex Toddlers Sharing a Bedroom: Is it Okay?

siblings of opposite sex sharing bedrooms

photo by SuperPickle

Hi everyone, it's Cafe Suzanne in for Cafe Cynthia who's taking a little well-deserved break today.

My husband and I are looking for a place to buy, but it seems like the ones we can afford only have two bedrooms. That would be fine, but a while ago, we were looking into adoption and the social worker told us we would need enough bedrooms to accommodate children of different sexes (meaning that we couldn't put our girl baby-soon-to-be-toddler in the same room as a little boy).


We're not allowed to request a certain gender so we can't ask for a girl. I'm not sure if we'll adopt or if I'll get pregnant again, but I'm curious.

I'm wondering what the reasoning is behind not allowing toddlers of different genders to share a room—aside from the very obvious decorating issue. Though I'm sure Cafe Sheri would have some great ideas for that!

Issoccermom also wanted to know if it was appropriate for little kids of different sexes to share a bedroom and up until what age. She has a two-bedroom house and a little girl—so she's hoping for another girl just to make things easier.

Is it okay for little brothers and sisters to share a room? Up until what age would this be appropriate? Do your opposite sex toddlers share a room? Did you share a room with your brother as kids?

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