Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Valentine's Day card projects

Photo by momtiara

I forgot how exhausting it is writing out Valentine's Day cards for classmates. That's what I'm doing with my kids right now.

Okay, so I'm not supposed to be writing them.

But my 5 year old is getting writer's cramp from repeating his name on the Disney Cars cards for the 10th time, and is now begging me to finish the final 13. Gotta try to keep him on task ...

And my preschooler can't write yet, so she has me outlining her name in dots on each one of her sparkly Princess cards -- so she can connect them and technically writer her own name -- which means now I have writer's cramp.


I'm thankful for one thing this year. Both of my kids' teachers sent home notes saying that children shouldn't even put their sweethearts' names on the cards. All my kids have to do is sign their own names and make sure they have enough cards to drop in each classmate's cubby so no one feels left out.

Do your kids give V Day cards and gifts to classmates? Will your toddlers "write" their own names, or will you give them a helping hand?

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