Chicken Pox Party, Anyone?

chicken pox partiesA mother in my son's old preschool -- an MD, an internist who lives and breathes this stuff -- strongly believes in chicken pox parties. That's when you purposely let your otherwise healthy child play with and share the germs of another kids who already has the chicken pox, so yours can get the illness and get it over with.

According to an article on, chicken pox parties are become hugely popular in some states. Moms are even advertising them on craigslist.

I had the pox when I was little, and I still have the scars to prove it. But chicken pox is supposedly so much worse if you get it as an adult, as I learned when my doctor friend relayed to me as story of her sister-in-law, who suffered as a 20-year-old. Her itchy and burning pox was so bad, it spread into unspeakable parts of her body that I shant even mention here because it will make you scream.


So now I'm left wondering whether a chicken pox party is a good idea for kids -- regardless if they have the vaccine or not, since that's not 100 percent foolproof anyway.

I already know how other CafeMoms feel. About half of commenters in a recent Advice for Moms thread said they like the idea of a chicken pox party and the rest don't -- with comments ranging from:

"Exposing a child at a "pox party" gives natural LIFELONG immunization ... unlike vaccines which are not lifelong. Considering the side effects I would much rather have CP naturally. :)" --StarMommy77


"A very bad idea." --3teensinmyhouse

Now I want to know how you feel about chicken pox parties? Have you or would you take your toddler to one?

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