Bashing Your Job -- Good Idea or Not?

"Mommy, do you like going to work? Wouldn't you rather be home with me?"

Warning, for working moms, this is a trick question. For me, the answer is easy. Working and the second income it brings is not an option.

And, I really like my job. So, I tell my children, "Yes, honey, my job makes me happy. And though I hate leaving you and miss you terribly during the day, I think of you the whole time. And it makes the time we are together that much more special."

On the other hand, I have a friend who complains endlessly about her job in front of her toddlers. Every morning she tells them she wishes she didn't have to go, and how playing with them is so much more fun.


Now, I don't know a working mom that doesn't wish for more time with their kids, but bashing your job in front of little toddlers cannot be good. If toddlers learn most if not all behaviors from their parents, how is that going to sculpt a positive attitude toward work and career when they graduate high school and college? I'd worry my kids would grow up viewing work in any shape or form as a drudgery rather than a fulfillment.


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Do you or your husband complain about your jobs in front of your kids?

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