New Product: Peekaboo Barn

peekaboo barn

My cell phone is about 6 years old, and I only have an iPod Shuffle, so unfortunately I won't be able to give you my official two cents about an intriguing new product: the Peekaboo Barn.

But even in concept, I think this idea is genius! Okay, so you have to have an iPhone or iPod -- I know a lot of you ladies do -- and if you have this app downloaded I'd love to know what you think.

The educational game costs the price of two songs -- $1.99 -- to download. Up pops a little bouncing barn, with friendly barn animals making noises and waiting to pop out. Your toddler tries to guess which animal is there, and taps on the door to find out.


peekaboo barn

The game was created by Nat, the owner of Night and Day Studios, for his daughter who just turned 1. New Yorker illustrator Divya Srinivasan did all the artwork. The game has a language setting, so you can switch all the animal's names into Spanish providing more ways to play and learn. To get a free trial version of the game, check out Peekaboo Lite.

The company will be following it up next month with Peekaboo Wild -- with all new animals from the jungle!

The best part is that Peekaboo Barn is a non-competitive game designed by artists and educators -- not marketers. I could totally see myself using this little distraction at the bus station, restaurants, waiting room, or anytime I needed my kids to calm down for a few.


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