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chapped lips

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Etsy lip balm and cell phone coozie set

When I try to put lip balm on my son, he reacts as though I'm a mad scientist attempting to melt off his mouth with a flesh-eating acid. He cringes and screams, and if I succeed in getting on a dab, it usually ends up a smear on his pants seconds later.

I know my son and once he gets something into his head, so no amount of coaxing or advice will work for me here. I'll just have to be patient and sneak it on at night until he realizes it actually makes him feel better!

Until then, it's good to know what chapped lip ointments and treatments other CafeMoms have found successful with their own toddlers. They fall into two categories:


Common ointments:

Baby Kisses lip balm

Burts Bees lip balm

Bag Balm

Cherry Vaseline in the tube

More creative treatments:

"When the lips look really super red and painful, I will gently use a soft toothbrush with warm water on their lips to get the excess skin off. Then I put on some Chapstik."

Olive oil in the daytime, so if she licks it it is a natural thing going into her body. At night I put Neosporin on them.

It sounds kinda weird but I use Oil of Olay for my face and I have rubbed it into my son's lips as well as my own. It works, and then just a little Chapstik throughout the day ...

Lanolin works great and while it won't hurt to lick it, it tastes gross so she won't want to.


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