Kids Drinking Enough Milk?

toddlers and milk intake

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When the pediatrician asked me during my daughter's 4 year check up recently how much milk she's drinking every day, I couldn't answer. I had no idea.

I tried to do a quick tabulation in my head: We go through about three gallons a week for two adults and two kids (wow, that's a lot!). So, my daughter and her brother have milk in their morning cereal, and I give them a glass at lunch and dinner, but as for the other two and a quarter gallons ...


I guess the milk is getting in there somehow, though I think I do need to better account for this very important part of my kids' nutrition. The calcium and vitamin D are so crucial for growing bones and overall health.

According to child nutrition guidelines, toddlers ages 2 and 3 are supposed to get about 2 cups of milk a day -- if they are not already getting calcium and vitamin D from other sources. (One cup equals: 1 cup of  yogurt, 1½ ounces of natural cheese, or 2 ounces of processed cheese.) And our pediatrician told us to give our kids lower fat milk since they are no longer babies.

How many gallons of milk do other CafeMoms go through each week?

-- I have 3 toddlers and they go through a gallon every day and a half. Four gallons last us a week.

-- We only buy whole milk for my son and it will last up to a week or longer for him. He gets 2 sippys a day.

-- We drink about three gallons a week. I have three boys. My two year old has 2 to 3 cups a day.

-- Man you guys are lucky. We go through a gallon and a half every single day. Most of it is for my son, it's all he drinks. I'm thinking of buying a small cow to make life easier.

++How do you keep track of your kids' milk intake? Do you worry your toddlers are not getting enough or are drinking too much?

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