We're Splitting Up -- How Do I Tell My Toddler?

talking to toddlers about divorce

Photo by JayGirlsMom

What's more heartbreaking: The fact that you are breaking up with your SO or that you now have to tell your toddler that the man she's known as Daddy for most her life is leaving?

"When my 2 year old daughter asks me where Daddy is or wants to go give him a kiss, what on earth do I tell her?" Kelly_n_Payton asks in Toddler Moms. "I can't possibly say that Daddy doesn't love us anymore and wants to give us up to pursue his own selfish agenda. What do I do?"

So, whether it's your husband, friend, or a family member -- how do you tell a toddler that someone they love is leaving the family dynamic? Do you give them hope that they will come back, even though they probably never will?


"All I know is that you aren't supposed to give them any hope of you guys ever being together gain." KittyD

"Are there any friends that could take her for a night or do things with her that will take her mind off of him? I know it won't be easy to get him out of her mind, but if she is occupied with something else then she is less likely to bother you about him. It will be hard at first but she will slowly lose interest and move on." princess1979

"Maybe check the library for a kids book that you could read with her and use to help you explain." anonymous

"From the way you worded your post are you saying he is not her biological father? If he isn't and he has no intention of being a part of her life, I would let her keep a picture and just tell her that he is at his house. In time she will either forget or move on." TawnyR

"You shouldn't do it alone. Have him come over so that both of you can sit down and explain things to her. If it's just you, she might think he doesn't love her anymore. She will need to hear from him so it can give her some comfort." JamieLeigh02

++Has this ever happened to you? How did you explain a break up to your toddler?

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