Do You Buy Your Toddlers Valentine's Gifts?

Valentine's Day Gifts


My kids get plenty of toys on Christmas, Easter, their birthdays, and when they are successful at whining me to death at Target, so I have a very strict policy against buying them anything on Valentine's Day.

But I still plan to mark the day. I found this plastic tool in a cooking store that imprints the words "I Love You" into toast, and I'm going to serve it to them for breakfast on February 14. I know it's not as good as a new Lightning McQueen car, but ...

Do you buy your toddlers gifts on V Day? You're not alone if you do -- lots of other toddler mamas do mark the day with a little trinket or two, and they have some really sweet ideas that won't break the bank. Check out some of them for your own inspiration.

I buy my girls each a small heart-shaped pizza for dinner and then me and hubs go out. --catngabsmom

My girls are 3 and 19 months, and this year we are getting them both a stuffed aniimal, some candy, stickers and a card. Not spending more than $10 per child. --sararsara

I got my son and nephew the same thing for V Day! They each got a plate, cup, bowl, silverware and a placemat. They are 1 and 2 and love using big people dishes at the table. --kartersmommy820

DH gets the girls a box of chocolates and a cute pair of socks and I get our son something chocolatey and a little something ... like a package of Pokemon cards. That's it. Nothing major at all. --ThePharmersWife

For my son, we bought him a huge stuffed animal, about five books that are about love or hugs, candy, rubber duckies with hearts on them and I will probably pick up a Hot Wheels car and toss it in a little "basket of love" I make him. --farrah


Do you buy your toddlers presents on Valentine's Day? If so, give me the details in comments ...

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Peajewel Peajewel

I make heart shaped cookies and a small basket of candy!

cypri... cypris420

No way do we buy our kids anything.  The last thing my kids need is another day to expect us to BUY them something.  We try not to get wrapped up in the nast commercialism of it all.  Now, we will make cookies together (but we do that all the time).  We don't believe in celebrate such a ridiculous commercial holiday.

Best-... Best-Adrianao5

 I think its great to express your love to your children and use these type of gift giving  holidays to express how you feel about  your children, it doesseem to keep them thinking about how much you giving mom gifttruly care about their well being in being safe.

mom2-... mom2-2crazyboys

We do something little just to celebrate the day. Last year Walmart had special DVDs out for Valentines Day for $5, so each of the boys got one of those (one of them was Alvin and the Chipmunk's Valentines and I can't remember the other).

This year we ordered from the Scholastic papers they are always sending home from school, and they are getting a Valentine's book, (one is Clifford and one is Winnie the Pooh).

My Dad always had a little bag of treats for me and my sisters and I always remembered that and it was really special for us!

I LOVE THE TOAST IMPRINTER IDEA!! I am on my way to find that!!! CUTE!!holding balloons

Momma... MommaHubbard

My 2 toddlers get a little candy and a card. Last year we included a stuffed animal but we have decided that they have ENOUGH stuffed animals and have officially banned buying them for a while!We are trying to make it a special day since we all have it off from school/work and it's a weekend day. We will all make strawberry heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and watch kids movies about love like: Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, etc. I want to put up red and pink streamers (I have left overs from birthdays) and buy some red and pink balloons and a cheap red paper tablecloth. To them, that will be a party! My older DD is at her dad's this time of year (she is 8) and I normally only do candy (this year I got her a big Hershey Kiss) and a card (I got one with a princess crown pin on it) too but this year I saw an "I heart Yoshi" shirt and HAD to get it for her and decided to send it with her Valentines Day stuff. Most of the time I send stickers but I felt the princess pin AND the t-shirt were enough for this holiday.

mamal... mamalinzie

We make a heart shaped chocolate cake with white frosting and red hot heart candies. This is a tradition that started in my family 20 some years ago, because two of my younger siblings birthdays are Feb 11 and 12.

alyss... alyssagraces668

I am going to take my daughter to Build-a-Bear and make one of the Valentines bears, and a card thats it.

Mom03... Mom030508

every year we do something different depending on behavior and money available to spend.  when i had only one child i bought her a $30 blanket and pillow set from disney with princesses and a stuffed pink puppy and a few other things including valentines days related snacks.

we  do valentines cards for the family every year.

with three kids now, instead of buying presents like crazy we will be getting things to do arts and crafts type things and things like home made vday treats.  pink / red sugar cookies. pink/red  rice crispy treats. a bowl of those candy hearts. maybe. oh and heart shaped pancaakes.

clorenzo clorenzo

I think it is special to buy your child something for Valentine's Day.  I tend to buy precious moments and candy.  I feel like if we are willing to show our spouse or other half how much we love them by buying them a gift why not for our child(ren).

momof... momof2luvsshoes

My boys don't expect anything on Valentine's Day and that is why I buy them something.  It's never anything elaborate but always something that has meaning to each of us.  My family show how we love each other every day so we don't need a special holiday just to do that but we still participate.  Plus my husband wants to be a role model on Valentine's so he can teach my boys how to "woo" the girls when they are older, LOL!

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