Do You Buy Your Toddlers Valentine's Gifts?

Valentine's Day Gifts


My kids get plenty of toys on Christmas, Easter, their birthdays, and when they are successful at whining me to death at Target, so I have a very strict policy against buying them anything on Valentine's Day.

But I still plan to mark the day. I found this plastic tool in a cooking store that imprints the words "I Love You" into toast, and I'm going to serve it to them for breakfast on February 14. I know it's not as good as a new Lightning McQueen car, but ...

Do you buy your toddlers gifts on V Day? You're not alone if you do -- lots of other toddler mamas do mark the day with a little trinket or two, and they have some really sweet ideas that won't break the bank. Check out some of them for your own inspiration.


I buy my girls each a small heart-shaped pizza for dinner and then me and hubs go out. --catngabsmom

My girls are 3 and 19 months, and this year we are getting them both a stuffed aniimal, some candy, stickers and a card. Not spending more than $10 per child. --sararsara

I got my son and nephew the same thing for V Day! They each got a plate, cup, bowl, silverware and a placemat. They are 1 and 2 and love using big people dishes at the table. --kartersmommy820

DH gets the girls a box of chocolates and a cute pair of socks and I get our son something chocolatey and a little something ... like a package of Pokemon cards. That's it. Nothing major at all. --ThePharmersWife

For my son, we bought him a huge stuffed animal, about five books that are about love or hugs, candy, rubber duckies with hearts on them and I will probably pick up a Hot Wheels car and toss it in a little "basket of love" I make him. --farrah


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