Penalties for Preschool Parents Who Don't Volunteer

parent volunteering at preschool

Photo by JoeMama02

When I read JanieR's post in Preschooler Moms about parents who don't volunteer at their toddlers' preschool, I felt like crawling under my desk. That's me she's talking about -- the mom who can't seem to find an hour or so every few months to assist on a field trip, read a book, or rake leaves in the fall.

But ... I'm busy!

Granted, JanieR was mostly talking about moms who don't work and live close by -- that's not me. It's a struggle to do anything extra when you're trying to make a living.

But other moms make it work, and there are many different ways to participate, so why can't I?


"I work and go to school and yet I try to attend everything,"  vm88 says. "But it's always the same few parents all the time. My daughter is in Head Start and we have parent meetings and only like 10 people show up and participate when there are 40 kids in the program. Some parents are just lazy or some just don't wanna be involved."

It's true, and apparently, I'm not the only one. My daughter's preschool made me sign a paper when we enrolled her, saying I would donate at least a couple hours of "volunteer" time to the center or I'd be required to pay $100 extra for the year. I'm going to run now and get my calendar ...


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