Pay Your Sitter More on Valentine's Day?

My husband and I are the most unceremonious people you'd ever meet. Forget about exchanging Christmas and birthday gifts -- we've even forgotten our own and each other's birthdays on occasion (they are literally one day apart!!) -- and simply shrugged it off.

So you probably aren't surprised to learn that we won't be going out for Valentine's Day either. If I'm lucky, the kids will go to bed at a decent hour and I may get a 10-minute shoulder massage before we both collapse.

Even if we wanted to brave the restaurants, we probably wouldn't be able to find a sitter at this late notice -- especially one with a boy friend who's already making his own plans.


So if you and your SO are planning to go out for V Day, the time to book your sitter is now. Warning: You may have to come up with an extra-attractive monetary offer to convince her to bag her romantic dinner to wash and feed your crazy toddlers instead.

The folks at suggest paying your sitter an extra $5 to $10 on Valentine's Day and other special holidays. Of course, this is flexible based on your sitter's age, experience, area, and how many children you have. They've got a great rate calculator so you can find out what other parents are paying.

And overnight rates are completely different -- the site has a formula for determining that, too.

Do you pay your sitter more on special holidays? What is his or her going rate?


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