Product Review: Johnson's Leave-In Conditioner

I love my daughter's dusky blonde, to-the-middle-of her back hair. But everytime I take her for a hair cut, I still beg her to let the stylist cut it short. I'm thinking a cute Suri bob, with some chunky bangs to frame those mezmerizing blue eyes. But, alas. I always get the "Short hair is for boys, Mommy" line.

The reason I'm pushing my girl for a new do? The tangles. And the battles with the brush. Every bathtime, every morning, and every night.

My 4 year old is blessed with lots of hair, but the individual hairs are very fine, so I haven't found the perfect knot-free solution for her yet. But one new product I tried comes close: Johnson's No More Tangles Leave-In Conditioner.


The $5 product is a lightweight cream, so it doesn't grease up my daughter's locks like my own leave-in conditioner would. It can be used on wet or dry hair -- it works much better for my daughter when I apply a dollop to her hair dry.

When I use the conditioner my daughter's hair is silky and tangle-free a lot longer than it is when I leave it al fresco, though it's slightly less volumous (a fair trade-off).

++Does your toddler complain about hair brushing? How do you get the job done ... and have you tried this new product?

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