Get Your Lost Lovies Here ...

Photo by cafe cynthia

If only I knew then what I do now.

Moms say that a lot, don't we? Oh, how I wish I'd spent the extra $15 bucks and purchased TWO of my son's most cherished possession since infanthood: Yellow Bear. As you can see from the photo, ole Yellow has gotten a good dose 'o love in his five short years. The fact that he's become Beige and Permanently Stained Bear is the least of it.

Now I'm worried we may have to amputate.


I've worked a needle through that darn arm so many times that pretty soon nothing short of duct tape will be able to reattach Yellow's poor frayed shoulder.

Thank goodness I stumbled upon the Lost Lovies group today. I'm hoping that Yellow Bear's long lost twin is out there and may want to come live with us. You should check out the group, too, if you are looking for a lost toy or blankie, or if you have one to offer up.

Or, maybe I need to begin bracing my son for the dreaded day of parting. 

How did you wean your child of a favorite stuffed animal, or how did you deal with the accidental loss of one?

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