My Kids' Favorite Toys -- A Box and an Eye Patch

unlikely toys

Photo by thomasfam14

I took my 4 year old and 5 year old to their cousin's "pirate themed" birthday party this weekend (happy 3rd birthday, Sawyer!). It was held at an Audubon Nature Center, and we all had a great time.

But the highlight of the day wasn't Frank the box turtle, the skittish barn owl, the delicioso pizza, or the pinata that spilled gold coins all over the floor ... No, it was the cheap plastic pirate hat, eye patch, and telescope party favors that were passed out to every little guest.


I bring this up because it always amazes me the unlikely things that toddlers will attach to and play with for hours on end.

Not too long ago, my son found an old piece of moulding in the basement and now he plays with it every day -- it's part of his racetrack. My daughter still loves the jewelry box that contained my engagement ring -- she likes to stuff it with her own "jewelry" when she's playing dress up, as well as marbles, Little People, and tiny felt dogs.

Well, it's Monday, and my kids have been wearing those $5 hats and playing pirate (in between numerous requests to watch Backyardigans' "Pirate Camp" -- aahhrrr!) nonstop. They wore them to the grocery store, to the restaurant we had lunch at, and my daughter even wore her hat and patch to preschool this morning. And today she came home from school wearing it. Please remind me of this next time Christmas rolls around ...

What is your toddler's most unlikely "favorite" toy?

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