Links I Love

links I love

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Saturday is a great day for catching up on reading -- that's what I plan to do as soon as my kids give me a break!

Here are some links on and off CafeMom that you'll want to click if you get a sec:

For funny misprononciations that will leave you in stitches, check out Toddlers Who Swear (But Not on Purpose!)

Cafe Kierna was joking when she said she didn't like her kid, but at least one mother out there is serious ... read about it in Is It Possible for a Mother to Love One Child, But Not Another?


If you're trapped inside and need a lift, jump over to Cafe Kristen's 8 Holistic Ways to Beat Winter Blues.

A Catholic father. A mother who's nothing. Should the religious parent's viewpoint reign? Read what one blogger says about who should decide religion in a divided family.

Pick up some super nanny anger management tips to control your temper around your kids in Temper, Temper.

After the kids are asleep, treat yourself to a soothing Chamomile Tea Foot Soak, courtesy of our own Cafe MicheleZ.

Hope your weekend is a relaxing one.

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