Toddlers Who Swear (But Not on Purpose!)

Funny toddler mispronunciations, from CafeMom's Toddler Moms group.

  • When we took my son to Red Lobster, my son told the waitress he would like some "crap."
  • My son will have on his "Cars" jammies with the picture of the Piston Cup, point to it, and say "Pissin Cup!"
  • When Lightning says, "I am speed," my son Kaden says, " I am peed!"
  • It was President's Day, and my son came home from pre-k to show me the "Mr. Ham Lincoln" hat and picture he colored.
  • My son calls his fork his "f**k."
  • We're still working on "clock." It comes out of my 2 year old's mouth without the "l".
  • We are trying to teach our son the name of our new president, but he says "Bama" instead of Obama. It's even funnier when he sees him on TV or the newspaper, because he will clap and say "look, look, Mama, it's Bama"!
  • The other day my son asked for "rooster doodles" -- he meant "toaster strudels."
  • I heard my daughter say as she started writing in her diary the other night, "Dear, Diarrhea."
  • When my 4 year old daughter was 3: "glubs" (gloves); "goodness snakes;" and "bite-a-man" (vitamin).
  • My 22 month old son used to call his paci an "ass."
  • My dd says "ass" for "glasses."  It is funny when she says it in the store: "I want your ass, Mommy."
  • When my little cousin was 3, we were playing Candy Land. She grabs the directions and says, "I can't read the erections!"

++What hysterical or embarrassing things have popped out of your tyke's mouth lately?

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