"Your Life Is Over" and Other Rude Comments

rude comments about kids

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Our toddlers have better manners than these people!

People say rude things when you're pregnant and when you finally have the baby. And apparently, those nasty comments about children don't stop coming even when your kids become toddlers, as one of our users, JasonsMom2007, reveals in Toddler Moms:

"My husband and son and I were waiting for a table at The Olive Garden, when this lady walks by and asks how old our son is. We said "19 months" and she replies, "Oh, yeah, your life is definitely over." My husband actually replied, "No, it's not. Life with our son is wonderful and is just beginning." She replies, "Oh, just you wait," and walks off. I can't believe how many people say that! I don't care how poor his behavior becomes and how much he pushes it. My life is not over because of my son! He gives me purpose."


I'd like to think these are isolated incidents, but I'd be wrong, judging by the stories below. Frankly, I think these strangers are jealous ...

"I get very rude comments all of the time. I have three toddlers and am due any day with my fourth.  It makes me mad when everyone asks if I am done. No, I'm not! And they give me this look like I'm crazy, or they say something rude." -- anonymous

"I was 18 when I had my Emily, and was walking in a grocery store with her, wedding ring and all. As I looked at diapers, two workers whispered, rather loudly, about "these single mom skanks." It pissed me off, but whatever. When they said the dad was probably a lowlife (he was in Basic), I wanted to say something but chose to ignore it. But when they said that my daughter was probably a drug baby since she looked a little retarded, I walked to them and demanded a manager. To this day I hope they were fired.'' -- Mavanna

"Yeah, I get the "You sure do have YOUR hands full" comment. They say it like my kids are demon spawn or something. I may be busy but I enjoy my days." -- rainbowrays85


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