I Love You, Vomit on Me


Poor, sick Kamlyn

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There is love and then there is motherly love. My kids are the only humans on earth that I would let vomit all over me and my possessions and not get mad. As a bunch of mamas wrote in a thread of vomit stories in The CafeMom Newcomers Club, you won't find a better definition of the term than this:

"My son, who is 17 months, was on my lap after dinner when he burst into tears. He got this really funny look on his face, and then ... there it went. He was terrified and confused, so I snuggled him while he barfed all over me, rubbing his little back telling him, "It's okay, just puke on Mommy." You really have to love someone to sit there and let them puke on you." -- BrodysMommy251

And the love goes on ...

-- We went out for lunch with my in-laws for my son's 5th birthday. We had a nice meal and came home to open gifts. We do the whole blow-out-the-candles ordeal. Then my son starts to do the yucky moan. I grabbed a towel, snuggled him up, and a few moments later ... covered in vomit! So nasty! So now whenever we look at the pics we will think about how Hunter puked all over Mommy! LOL"    -- snoopy21276

-- We went out as a family, and Sienna, 10 months, was so good the whole time. When we get home, my husband gets her out of the car and goes in the house, while I run and get the diaper bag. When I get inside my poor hubby is still standing there holding my daughter. They are both covered in barf! So we get everyone cleaned up, give the baby some Pedialyte and go to bed, only to wake up at midnight to a crib full of purple puke. -- thebestbrianne

-- On Christmas morning, we were all sick. That night, I was okay for the moment, so we decided to go to my in-laws to open presents. As soon as we walked in the front door, my 11 month old daughter threw up all over me. The formula kind too. It was all over my shoulder, down my back. Merry Christmas to me! -- Bellas_Mommy08

-- When my daughter was about 6 months old, she got really sick. She was severely congested, and swallowed a lot of snot. Have you ever seen "The Exorcist"? That was my precious baby girl. There was so much of it! One time it was on my chest while I held her, and another time it was ALL over my bed. There is baby spit up, and then there is projectile vomit -- and that is what she had. LOL -- it was gross! -- lovebugs_mom

++Awesomeness. Share your vomit stories here!

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WillDoDa WillDoDa

With my eldest, she is so rarely sick, but when she was under about 2 years old, if she did get sick, automatically I made sure that it was on ME so I didn't have to change bedclothes or clean the floor. :) Now... after she hit two, any time she has vomited it has been SUPER disgusting, much more vomit like than when she was an infant, I am training her to vomit into a toilet or a trash can now, but If the situation called for it, I would still have her vomit on me, no question.

Now with the baby it's the same way, she had a stomach bug a couple weeks ago. She started walking toward me with "that' look on her face and so I grabbed her up and cuddled her so she could vomit on me. She just had no idea what was happening to her and I had to comfort her. It's not a huge deal, except getting dh to hold the baby after so I can get a bath!

debra... debra_benge

I haven't been nailed, but Hubby has.  Our son was about 18 months old and we both got food poisoning (we shared a plate of beans from a new restaurant), so I was in bed (pregnant with our daughter, no less) trying to get some sleep.  Hubby was taking care of Little Man, and said he just sort of coughed a couple times and let loose, all down Daddy's front, nailing shirt, pants, shoes, couch AND floor.  Hubby was so sweet, though.  He just cleaned it up, and let me sleep.

scrap... scrappin_happy

I am a member of a local group here on CM.  I arranged to meet with some ladies in that group in "real life" at a restaurant.  At the time, I had a 13 year old, 19 month old, and 7 month old.  Well, we ordered our meal and ate while we waited for everyone to show up.  I fed my 7 month old a jar of food.  After everyone showed up, I started feeding him a bottle.  Well, he only took like half of it and started pushing it away.  I sat him back up and burped him.  Well, I was feeling VERY self concious because I was easily 8-10 years older than any of the other moms.  So, I'm sitting there feeling so uncomfortable and wanting to cry.  Then, all of a sudden, without warning, my 7 month old starts puking everywhere.  It was like projectile vomiting.  He must have puked 2 days worth of food and formula.  It was all over the restaurant and all over me.  I was absolutely drenched!!  Needless to say, my hubby notified the restaurant employees and we made a very quick exit.  I was soooooo embarassed!!!  I don't know who I felt worse for though...the employee who had to clean it up...the girls I had met there...or the poor older couple who just happened to be sitting near our group!  LOL  embarrassed

Heath... Heather_F

yeah you know thats love when you are holding your shirt out trying to catch it LOL I did that many a times with my oldest when he was sick. I thought I would rather change shirts than scrub the rug. He is 4 now so he knows when its coming and runs to the bathroom, he is so funny...he gets sick just seeing his 2yr old sister vomiting. Good grief!

ddbz ddbz

You scared the crap outta me! I thought it was gonna be another "2/1" thingy, and I couldn't stop myself form clicking on the title ...

Maybe moms should send in pics of people's faces after they've been spit up on.

JPsMo... JPsMommy605

Oh, this is so true!  I remember my son's 2nd birthday - he had spent the day with dad and ate who know's what, but it all ended up on me that night and all I could think of was "It's okay - throw up on mommy, not the bed honey...I can change my clothes a lot easier than the sheets...It's okay....throw up on me."  After 3 or 4 vomits, he got it all out, but man...did I stink. 

mommy... mommyonhawaii

I've only been barfed on twice, by my oldest.  He was almost 11 months, I was 7 months preggo with the twins and he had the worse stomach bug.  He nailed me twice, yogurt barf too.  Then I caught the bug, went into labor and had the twins early.  The last time he had it, he barfed all over the bed while I was in the shower.  Then I was ready with old beach towels and receiving blankets and caught the barf in them.  A huge tip, cover the bed with garbage bags, then beach towel or blanket, another garbage bag, another towel, another bag, another towel.  I make sure to cover the pillow in these layers too.  When they barf, I remove a layer, wipe up the kid, and toss the dirty linens in the washing machine.  Have towels or old baby blankets sitting in each room to catch barf when the kid is up and around (and if they're big enough, a small bucket will work).

Usually I run the other way when someone is barfing (that was the one thing I could not deal with when I worked in the ER, blood and trauma was okay, but barf would freak me out).  But I feel so bad for my guys, you can see how scared they are.

fmchavez fmchavez

My daughter was 10 months old when I got pregnant again. I had horrible, horrible morning sickness. One morning as I hugged the toilet, my daughter came crawling in the bathroom to see what I was doing. She saw me puking and then she leaned over the bowl and puked herself. Pretty good right? No, in the middle of one of her heaves, she looked up and me and puked right in my face.

sweet... sweetheartpink

My best barf story has to be...Thirteen months after we adopted our newborn my husband and i were invited back to adoption center to address a group of people interested in the adoption proccess. So here we are in front of group of folks who are looking at us waiting to hear our exciting and insperational story. But just as my husband opens his mouth to speak our sweet,sweet baby(who is sitting on his lap)PROJECTILE VOMITS all over the front row!!! No warning just thick,green,lumpy puke! At least seven people were soaked!! Needless to say we were not the hit of the seminar!! We were not asked back!!!!

AriMi... AriMicSun

Those stories are nothing! Have YOU ever gotten a poopy diaper to the face as a wake up call?
Well I have! Let's just say, the shower came before breakfast that morning....

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