I Love You, Vomit on Me

Poor, sick Kamlyn

Photo by laura7485

There is love and then there is motherly love. My kids are the only humans on earth that I would let vomit all over me and my possessions and not get mad. As a bunch of mamas wrote in a thread of vomit stories in The CafeMom Newcomers Club, you won't find a better definition of the term than this:

"My son, who is 17 months, was on my lap after dinner when he burst into tears. He got this really funny look on his face, and then ... there it went. He was terrified and confused, so I snuggled him while he barfed all over me, rubbing his little back telling him, "It's okay, just puke on Mommy." You really have to love someone to sit there and let them puke on you." -- BrodysMommy251


And the love goes on ...

-- We went out for lunch with my in-laws for my son's 5th birthday. We had a nice meal and came home to open gifts. We do the whole blow-out-the-candles ordeal. Then my son starts to do the yucky moan. I grabbed a towel, snuggled him up, and a few moments later ... covered in vomit! So nasty! So now whenever we look at the pics we will think about how Hunter puked all over Mommy! LOL"    -- snoopy21276

-- We went out as a family, and Sienna, 10 months, was so good the whole time. When we get home, my husband gets her out of the car and goes in the house, while I run and get the diaper bag. When I get inside my poor hubby is still standing there holding my daughter. They are both covered in barf! So we get everyone cleaned up, give the baby some Pedialyte and go to bed, only to wake up at midnight to a crib full of purple puke. -- thebestbrianne

-- On Christmas morning, we were all sick. That night, I was okay for the moment, so we decided to go to my in-laws to open presents. As soon as we walked in the front door, my 11 month old daughter threw up all over me. The formula kind too. It was all over my shoulder, down my back. Merry Christmas to me! -- Bellas_Mommy08

-- When my daughter was about 6 months old, she got really sick. She was severely congested, and swallowed a lot of snot. Have you ever seen "The Exorcist"? That was my precious baby girl. There was so much of it! One time it was on my chest while I held her, and another time it was ALL over my bed. There is baby spit up, and then there is projectile vomit -- and that is what she had. LOL -- it was gross! -- lovebugs_mom

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