Product Review: First Juice

Would you let your toddler eat seven sugar cubes in one sitting? That's essentially what you're doing when you give them a juice box. Most brands pack about 27 grams of sugar in those tiny 8 ounce cartons. If you're not into all that nutritional stuff and label reading, trust me, that's a lot!

It's for this reason that I always water down my kids' juice. Last week, I told you about a product I like called Bevi-Bags, disposable plastic juice bags that you can fill yourself. First Juice is another option for moms who hate giving their kids too much sugar. This all-natural, organic fruit and vegetable juice has just 12 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving.


It's less sweet, so it might be a tough sell to your older toddler who's already developed a sweet tooth. I wish I had this option when my toddlers were just starting to drink juice.

I was skeptical that my now 4 year old and 5 year old would drink it, but they did, and they kept asking for more. My daughter liked the Blueberry and Purple Carrot juice best, I think mostly because it's a deep blue color. And my son preferred the Peach and Purple Carrot.

The juice, which sells for about $4 for a 32 ounce bottle and $2 for an 8 ounce sippy cup, also comes in Apple and Carrot and Banana and Carrot. You can buy it at Babies 'R' Us, Target, Whole Foods, The Food Emporium and online at

Are you at all concerned about the amount of sugar your toddler eats? What do you do to help them cut back?

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