Bird Flu Strikes Chinese Toddler


avian bird flu

Photo by bishop96

I haven't heard much about the bird flu lately, so I figured that it was just one less thing to worry about, until I read that a 2 year old Chinese girl has the avian flu. She's in critical condition, according to news reports.

Why should we be concerned about the bird flu in China? Because China has the world's largest population, and scientists say containing it there is crucial to stopping a worldwide pandemic.

The flu resurfaced in China in 2003, killing about 250 people. After not reporting a single human infection in almost a year, China has now confirmed three cases in two weeks, and a 27 year old woman recently died. 


There's nothing to worry about, or even do, here in America -- unless you are a farmer who handles birds. If you own a pet bird, experts recommend you keep him inside and away from wild birds. And of course, remember to wash your and your toddler's hands for general wellness -- not just to fend off avian influenza.

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