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It's cold. Yesterday it was 5 degrees. Would ya think my kids would finally put on their mittens? Nope. They'd rather get frostbite than do something I ask them to do.

Beauty & Style guru Cafe Michele Z says her 18-month-old niece is also pulling a mitten and glove boycott. No matter how frigid, her mommy can't get those woolens to stay on.

Here are few ingenious ideas to keep toddler hands warm. First, Smitten -- The No-Escape Mitten, $15 -- at right. (These are not to be confused with Smitten Mittens -- a heart shaped uni-mitten that you and your SO wear at the same time so you can hold hands on chilly days -- I'll pass on those, thank you.)


I don't know why, but something about these no-escape mittens reminds me of a straitjacket -- so, hey, they really might work!

You place the child’s hand into one pocket, wrap the Smitten around the child’s back and place the other hand in the other pocket. Then put on the child’s jacket or snowsuit. The pockets will come up to the child’s elbows so there is no way the child can pull them off.

If you're really desperate, you could also consider the No-Sno Snuggler for $26. It's a shirt with the mittens sewn onto the sleeves -- here it is at left.

I love these ideas, but they are a bit above my price range. Who knows, maybe I'll pull out the sewing machine one of these wintry days and improvise ...

Until I'm so inspired, I might try some of these cheaper ideas from CafeMoms:

-- Fingered gloves

-- Thick socks

-- Mittens without thumbs

-- Zippity Zany mittens from Hanna Anderson (now on sale for $5!)

++How do you get your toddler to keep his mittens/gloves on?



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LovemyQ LovemyQ

Wow, those sounds positively confining and claustrophobic.  When they get too hot, they can't take their mittens off.

aeneva aeneva

Well I take old socks,  cut the ends off,  and then sew them onto the mittens and it makes the mittens come up past their elbows.  They can still get them off if they really want to, but it makes it much more difficult.  Mine have never taken these off outside, but do manage to undress themselves in the house.

aeneva aeneva

Oh you could also make something like the shirt yourself very easily.  Even if you don't have a seing machine, this wouldn't be difficult to sew by hand.

Newcr... Newcreature584

My mom used to attatch them through the sleeve around to the ogher inside my coat. It worked and I never lost one.

Cafe... Cafe Kristen

Yes, I just use a piece of yarn to make a long string and attach the mittens through their coat. They manage to goof around with this, too, but they definitely don't lose their mittens as often.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I think you linked to the wrong thing for the Zippity Zany mittens.  It comes up as a headband.

ANyway, I've never had an issue with my kid taking gloves off (if they come off, playtime outside is over), but I can see how these could be quite handy (no pun intended).

Peajewel Peajewel

My daughter would flip out if I put those on her hands.  I have only been able to convince her to wear any mittens because she fell in the snow and the snow made her hands so cold.  All I have to do is remind her how bad it was.  But once we are in the car or house they come right off.  She hates to have a lot of anything on.  I think she would just have a break down with either of those. 

twinc... twinclubmom

My two year old twins don't like to wear mittens period! I've finally gotten them to wear hats but as soon as we're in the car or house, they come right off!

fluud7 fluud7

knee socks work just as well, although i like the concept of not being able to loose them. how easy to make too! great suggestion!

i also agree with ranaaurora. if you kids don't want to wear mittens, then they don't get to play outside.

fluud7 fluud7

wow, terrible spelling errors. how embarrassing.

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