No-Escape Mittens


It's cold. Yesterday it was 5 degrees. Would ya think my kids would finally put on their mittens? Nope. They'd rather get frostbite than do something I ask them to do.

Beauty & Style guru Cafe Michele Z says her 18-month-old niece is also pulling a mitten and glove boycott. No matter how frigid, her mommy can't get those woolens to stay on.

Here are few ingenious ideas to keep toddler hands warm. First, Smitten -- The No-Escape Mitten, $15 -- at right. (These are not to be confused with Smitten Mittens -- a heart shaped uni-mitten that you and your SO wear at the same time so you can hold hands on chilly days -- I'll pass on those, thank you.)



I don't know why, but something about these no-escape mittens reminds me of a straitjacket -- so, hey, they really might work!

You place the child’s hand into one pocket, wrap the Smitten around the child’s back and place the other hand in the other pocket. Then put on the child’s jacket or snowsuit. The pockets will come up to the child’s elbows so there is no way the child can pull them off.

If you're really desperate, you could also consider the No-Sno Snuggler for $26. It's a shirt with the mittens sewn onto the sleeves -- here it is at left.

I love these ideas, but they are a bit above my price range. Who knows, maybe I'll pull out the sewing machine one of these wintry days and improvise ...

Until I'm so inspired, I might try some of these cheaper ideas from CafeMoms:

-- Fingered gloves

-- Thick socks

-- Mittens without thumbs

-- Zippity Zany mittens from Hanna Anderson (now on sale for $5!)

++How do you get your toddler to keep his mittens/gloves on?



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