Cooking With the Kids

kid-friendly recipes

Photo by dsteiner23

My toddler and kindergartner love to help me cook. They measure, dump the ingredients, stir, baste, and scoop. In fact, they ask to help me every night as I'm scrambling to whip up supper, which is so sweet but it's the worst possible time. My patience is gone, we're all hungry, and I've got to get grub on plates FAST!

So my kids and I end up cooking and baking a lot on weekends -- today we're going to make these Easiest Blonde Brownies in the World (thank you, Cafe Kim!)

And seeing as it's a looong weekend, I'd better get several recipes lined up. Here's a roundup of some of the quickest and yummiest kid-friendly dishes from around Daily Buzz this week. Why not make one with your kids, too?

Fast Kid-Friendly Pizzas

Minestrone Soup

Roast Chicken With a Twist

Parmesan Risotto


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