Time-Out Bear -- Should Teddy Do Your Job?

The general rule for time-outs: One minute for every year of age. Okay, so, I'll send my 4 year old daughter to her room for 4 minutes when she screams at the dinner table, and I'll send my 5 year old son to his room for 5 minutes when he punches his sister after she screams at the dinner table.

Sounds fair enough for them -- but not for me, whose dinner is getting cold while I guard their doors so they don't sneak down at 3 minutes and 39 seconds. Should I get the Time Out Time's Up Bear? That's him at right.


At first I thought, Wow! A 60-minute timer on a bear belly! What a great idea! I could use him to help my children with time concepts, such as when the TV must be turned off, how long they need to brush their teeth, and when it's time to share that toy.

But best of all, the bear will do my dirty work for me! I'll set the timer and plop him down inside my child's room while I go downstairs and finish my spaghetti and meatballs. My kids will stay in their rooms because he's just so darn cute!

Then I got to thinking ... will the Time Out Time's Up Bear nag my children so much that they'll come to hate and resent Teddy Bears? Should I push my job as a mom off on "someone" else. And how would I justify spending the $13 to buy him anyway?


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++Do you follow the time-out rule of one minute for every year of life? How long do your kids stay in their rooms?

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