Product Review: Disposable Juice Bags


I have three problems with juice boxes and pouches, a staple of my son's lunch box:

1. They're expensive. Serving by serving, it's way cheaper to portion out drinks from a full-size container.

2. I can't water them down. Most juice has too much sugar IMO; I always dilute my kids' juice at home.

3. Not all of my favorite juice brands come in single serve sizes.

So last night I gave my son juice in a Bevi Bag (pictured at right). Invented by two working moms, Bevi Bags are a self-filling disposable plastic bag that lets you decide what and how much goes into your child's drink.

One of those moms, Kim Maguire, has a daughter with autism and Down syndrome, who requires very specific dietary needs. She needed to send her daughter, Shannon, to school with juice mixed with nectar to thicken the consistency, and to strengthen her drinking skills. The hard plastic containers she used often cracked or retained odors.

So last night, I poured some orange juice and a few tablespoons of water into a Bevi Bag, zip-locked it shut, and poked the straw through, and let my son give it a try.

My son loved it. It's lightweight and easy to use -- and the juice didn't leak when we tossed it around in my son's lunch bag. He did have to fold and hold down the top of the bag to keep it from hitting his nose, or else hold the bag from the two top edges, but other than that it did the job.

They cost $3.99 for a box of 10; $7.98 for 20; and $15.99 for 50, available at

++What do you think of this product? Does it fill a need you have?

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joy2b... joy2bamom

Interesting.  Seems like a neat invention.  It would be a major bummer though if it opened up in the lunch box. 

One thing I hate about juice bags and boxes is that when the kids squeeze them a little, the juice shoots out the straw.  Now, if someone could only fix that! LOL

teamq... teamquinn

Why not just buy a small bottle with a spout?  And just because it didn't leak the first time you use it doesn't mean it will last for very long.

dstei... dsteiner23

WOW!!!  That sounds like an awesome product that I will have to try out.  I really dislike CapriSun and stuff like that because of the sugar.  I only let my daughter have 100% juice so this really sounds like it could be worthwhile in our family.  Thanks for the heads up!

Lelan... LelandsMommy

Awesome! This is what I've been waiting for!

Riosm... Riosmommy

i have to say at $4 for 10 im a little turned off id feel like i was paying double when you can get reusable containers for about $1 and use it 10 times or more and toss it .. ending up cheaper then those

if they were cheaper they would rock

Rik-E Rik-E

   I agree with Riosmommy.  They are too spendy to be worth it for me. But I do like the idea!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'd rather get a child's thermos that wasn't wasteful.

nonmember avatar michellel

I personally think the Bevi Bag is a great invention. I started using them to wean my daughter from using her bottle. It was a perfect alternative from all of the sippy cups we tried. She only seemed to like 1 out of 10 sippy's that I bought and it seemed we always left that one at the park/play date ect. My 6 year old seem to like them too. Speaking dollar to dollar just think of every sippy cup/juice box our kids have lost or only took a sip out of and opened a new one because they werent sure which one was theres. I think the price is pretty comparable. Besides we are in control what are kids are drinking. Juice boxes, soda cans, gatorade ect are filled with sugar. I like the idea fill it and toss it. Seems much healthier to me.

Jacks... JacksMom726

i agree about any of the juice boxes/ son thinks the purpose of them is to see how far the juice goes flying when he squeezes!!  :)

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