Product Review: Disposable Juice Bags

I have three problems with juice boxes and pouches, a staple of my son's lunch box:

1. They're expensive. Serving by serving, it's way cheaper to portion out drinks from a full-size container.

2. I can't water them down. Most juice has too much sugar IMO; I always dilute my kids' juice at home.

3. Not all of my favorite juice brands come in single serve sizes.

So last night I gave my son juice in a Bevi Bag (pictured at right). Invented by two working moms, Bevi Bags are a self-filling disposable plastic bag that lets you decide what and how much goes into your child's drink.


One of those moms, Kim Maguire, has a daughter with autism and Down syndrome, who requires very specific dietary needs. She needed to send her daughter, Shannon, to school with juice mixed with nectar to thicken the consistency, and to strengthen her drinking skills. The hard plastic containers she used often cracked or retained odors.

So last night, I poured some orange juice and a few tablespoons of water into a Bevi Bag, zip-locked it shut, and poked the straw through, and let my son give it a try.

My son loved it. It's lightweight and easy to use -- and the juice didn't leak when we tossed it around in my son's lunch bag. He did have to fold and hold down the top of the bag to keep it from hitting his nose, or else hold the bag from the two top edges, but other than that it did the job.

They cost $3.99 for a box of 10; $7.98 for 20; and $15.99 for 50, available at

++What do you think of this product? Does it fill a need you have?

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