Bad Mommy: I Stopped My Daughter's Meds

against doctor's orders

My daughter's nebulizer machine.

My wee one starting coughing again last night, and it's all my fault. She's been suffering cold-weather induced asthma and allergies on and off since autumn, and our pediatrician prescribed an asthma medication given through a nebulizer (a machine that converts liquid medicine into a small, breathable molecules). He told us to continue it until March! But a few weeks ago, my daughter's breathing went back to normal, and the coughing stopped, so I stopped.

The medication helps tame the inflammation in her lungs so she can breathe easy and fend off further colds and viruses that will bring the coughing back. Which, apparently, is exactly what's happened now.


Before you yell at me, can I just say that I hate to keep my daughter medicated when she doesn't need to be. Plus, it's a real pain to get her to sit still with the mask on her face breathing that musty mist for 10 minutes twice a day. Plus, can I tell you how much I hate cleaning all those little tubes and cups?

I know, I know.

Now her follow-up appointment is next week, and I'm sure the doc will ask me how the treatment is going. I love our pediatrician -- he won't scold me or anything -- I'm just not looking forward to that conversation.

Have you ever made a judgement call against doctors orders? How did the doctor react to your decision? How did it help or hurt your toddler?

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