Breastfeeding Toddlers -- How Does Yours Ask?


breastfeeding toddlers

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You've heard the saying about older kids and breastfeeding -- "Once they're old enough to ask for it, they're too old." But I know plenty of you take issue with that -- there are tons of CafeMoms who can speak on the many benefits of nursing toddlers.

But, back up a minute ... how, exactly, do speaking toddlers ask to nurse? What words do they use? I wasn't able to breastfeed into toddlerhood, so I can't speak firsthand, but I'd love to know how many extended breastfeeders get verbal prompts like this one from BethieBoo's 18 month old son:

He comes up to me, squeezes them and says, 'In Deeeeece.' And then he takes his own head and smacks them with his head and tries to make punching noises.


There's a little joke involving BethieBoo's husband behind that one -- check it out in Breastfeeding Moms (but you'll have to join the group first). Here's how other CM toddlers beg for the boob:

-- My daughter (almost 2) says "yummy yummy yummy," and pulls my shirt up and helps herself.

-- My DS whimpers and whines and pulls down on the collar of my shirt. Then he precedes to punch, hit, smack, and poke my boob and say "milk" until I give it to him.

-- He just harasses me and says "boooooooobies."

-- Preston says "I unt (want) googoo (his made up word for mama milk)."

-- My 25 month old says "Mahmie, NURSH peeeeez?" If I don't move fast enough, he'll stay "NURSH! NURSH! NURSH PEEEEEEZ!" or something similar. When he's done with one side, he'll pop off and say  "UDDERSIDE PEEZ!" Sometimes he thanks me.

-- My daughter (18 months) will point to my shirt, say "NNNNN" and make the sign for please.

-- DS (26 months) straddles my lap, grabs the bottom of my shirt and gives me this really hopeful look, then says "PLEASE?!" until I say okay. Occasionally he'll forget his manners and scream "boobie" instead.

-- My son (22 months) will pat my boobs and say, "Pees."  If I'm not fast enough he'll say, "Pees boob." If I still haven't given in, he'll cry and scream "JUICE!"

-- My DD (23 months) comes up to me and says, "Shide, no shide!" (I would always ask her, after she finished nursing one side, if she wanted the other side.)

++How do your toddlers ask to breastfeed?

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