Autism Linked to Environment


autism linked to environmentSpeaking of vaccines and controversial subjects, here's some new findings on autism's link to the environment. A group of doctors in California, where autism rates are skyrocketing, feel strongly that autism may be more the result of household cleaning products, pesticides, and other chemicals than previously thought.

In a study in the journal Epidemiology, the researchers give a bunch of numbers that show increases in autism are not artificial -- that is, caused by immigration rates or more diagnoses due to increased awareness. They also toss out the probability of genetics and vaccines (thimerosal was taken out of vaccines in 1999) being a huge factor for various reasons.

Rather, these researchers are big on the idea that environmental causes, which could be altering a developing baby's brain structure, are triggering autism. They include:

Mercury and other metals

PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls, man-made chemicals used in electronics and industrial processes)


Brominated flame retardants (used in furniture and electronics);

Pet flea shampoos (mothers of autistic children were twice as likely to use them)

Phthalates (used in vinyl and cosmetics)

Antibacterial soaps (they could have ingredients that harm the brain by changing immune systems)

Infectious microbes (in the 1970s, autism rates increased due to the rubella virus).


I think autism is caused by ...

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Mamao... Mamaoftwingles

GRRRR... Isn't it "funny" that Mercury in the environment can cause autism, but they DON'T THINK that injecting your child with mercury is causing any problems?  Ugh.  I don't trust any of them.  As the parent of a vaccine injured child (and another child with an autism spectrum disorder) (who no longer vaxxes at child with autism was selectively and delayed vax'd)... and I make all of our cleaners... So I don't know *where* it came from... and I don't necessarily place all blame on vaccines, but a big differentiation needs to be made perfectly clear and I think that its getting so confused in the media and therefore to parents...Autism is Autism.  Vaccine injury is vaccine injury.  They are two different disorders whose symptoms often mimic each other.  We knew early on (before vax) that my autistic guy was "different".  Every child has their own contributions to any family and we enjoy our boys for who they are, celebrating them... as you will find with most families with children with special needs.  The cause is important, but taking care of the children takes priority in our home.


I personally think that my kiddos were born with Autism...and I embrace their differences EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Would I change either of my precious children??? Not a chance.  Granted Autism can be challenging..there are days I could pull each and every hair from my head...I have to think..It could be so much worse and My children are Mine for a reason.

evwsq... evwsquared

The thing that this article didn't make clear is that it's not just the potential of the environment affecting the children once they are born, but the potential of the environment affecting the children as they are developing in utero. The chair that I am sitting in as I type this, and the computer I'm using, are full of chemicals. The walls, ceiling, and floor are full of chemicals. We can't avoid them, regardless of whether you make your own cleaning supplies or not. I know these researchers, and they have me freaked out about antimicrobial soaps. They also had me freaked out about getting pitocin to induce labor (didn't need it, thank goodness). But, I think that you can name something and it can added to the suspect list.

Mamao... Mamaoftwingles

evwsquared...makes a good point.  "it" (chemicals in our environment, in our food, drinking water, homes) is everywhere.  The fact is that yes, I do believe that autism is increasing.  But, its also more recognized now in its milder forms, where as I don't think it was diagnosed as such many years ago.  Infertility, some forms of cancer, multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies...are all on the rise because the chemicals that were simply not used (whether in cleaning supplies or our food supply) many years ago are so prevelant in our current society's consumption.  We (my family) works hard to limit our exposure to chemicals in our food, and our immediate environment...low/no voc paints, stains, natural flooring and cleaners (homemade), but it is impossible to not be exposed to anything... stores, restaurants, schools, day cares...all use (by law) chemicals to clean, sanitize and maintain... So, we do what we can, but it does sometimes seem to be a drop in the bucket... but I won't NOT do what I can do to change our home environment, even though its unreasonable for me to think we live in a bubble.

meval71 meval71

I saw some where, i can' remember what site, but they said it could be from some trauma that happened during pregnancy or in the first year and a half of life. Has anyone else heard of this . I search the internet  all the time triying to find some answers. and this was one thing  that i only saw a few times.

tiffa... tiffanyp1980

I have 3 kids. My MIDDLE child appears to be autistic. Not the oldest, not the youngest. She has been this way basically since birth. That being said, she was born 10 1/2 weeks prematurely. There was always something "different" about her. It's not like I looked at her one day and said, you're not making eye contact anymore, or, you're acting differently than you did last month. I have always known she was different. If it was truely environmental, I would think that my 2 other kids would be the same way. I know my in-laws try to blame my parenting, and again I say, if it was ME all my kids would be like this......

Steph... StephanieLtd

I have long thought it wasn't just an issue of one thing like vaccines, but the chemical load endured by our children. I don't think it's only autism but lots of behavior problems.

Calm down zombie_mommy, I don't think they mean that they're bathing their kids in the shampoo but using them in the household.

USAF.... USAF.Wife

umm how can anyone say that chemicals in the envroment may cause autism but directly injecting those same chemicals and then some, into a child whos immune system and brain have not yet fully developed cant? thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

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