Crib Tent: Use It or Lose It?

I was cleaning out the attic the other day, since clutter control and organization is top of mind this month, when I discovered my daughter's old crib tent. Here's a picture of one at right. It's essentially a big, mesh covering that attaches over the crib. It keeps pets and cats away from infants, and it also prevents more mobile babies and tots from crawling out in the middle of the night and falling down the stairs or making mischief.


Seeing it again really brought back memories. We bought our tent for $80 out of sheer desperation and sleep deprivation four days after our daughter's eureka moment of learning to scale her crib. She was barely a year and a half old!

I definitely had mixed feelings about using it, even though my girl actually grew to like it and would remind me to "zip her up" when I'd forget to do so. She's a great sleeper today and seems no worse for wear.

Have you or would you use a crib tent for your toddler?

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