Product Review: Playtex Twist N' Click Sippy Cups

Both my toddler and kindergartner still use sippy cups -- mostly on long car trips and at bedtime. They like to tuck them in between the mattress and the headboard of their crib/bed. But I hate when the cup topples during the night, soaking the pillow and the sheets.

So I have to tell you about a new product I love: the Playtex Insulator and Lil' Gripper Spill-Proof Cups. You can buy them with the spout top but my kids are using the new ones with the collapsible straw top, shown at left. They really are leak proof when the twist 'n click top is closed. Yay!


The cups come in both insulated (above) and easy-to-grip (at right) versions, in colors both boys and girls will love. My son has the easy-grip model in a simple blue with green top -- he likes that it looks more like a big kid sports bottle than a baby sippy. My daughter has the insulated pink cup.

One teeny downside with the straw version: It takes a few extra minutes to disassemble and clean the inside parts, but for me it's worth it. They sell for about $4-$5 each at most stores that sell sippys.

What's your toddler's favorite sippy cup?

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