Kids With Clothes Hang-Ups

toddler in leopard coat

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My 5-year-old son would be naked all the time if I let him. He's never cared about clothes and wears anything I give him. My 4-year-old daughter, however, is unreasonably obsessed with her clothes. She insists on picking out every outfit, including her socks and undies. I was such a tomboy at her age and just can't relate to this at all.

Here are her rules:

1. All items must be pink (that includes shoes and coats) or colors in the same family, which means ...

2. Red is okay, but orange and some purples are a no-go--"Those are boy colors, Mommy!")

3. Those pink articles preferably have some type of flashy design, pattern or sparkles, else they are too boring for my girl.

4. Stripes are out (boys) and polka-dots are okay, as long as they are BIG garish-looking dots.


Of course, she insists on picking out her own outfits each day -- you would die if you saw some of the shirt/pant combos she's come up with. But then, if you have a toddler girl, you've probably seen plenty of your own fashion disasters. I just had to laugh when I read that zachysmommy04 is having her own but slightly different clothing issues with her 4-year-old boy.

Here are his hangups:

1. He will only wear denim pants with a button and pockets and only a few shirts. He once wore the same clothes for three weeks. I have to wait till he gets a bath to steal them away and wash them.

2. The only time he will wear anything different is his school uniform. But even then it has to be a blue short-sleeved shirt and button pants.

3. Even when we both pick out the clothes the night before, he changes his mind in the morning.

Is your toddler a fussy fashionista? And, on a mildly related note ...


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