3 Day Potty Training—The Verdict

Sydney is using the potty more every day!

One of our CafeMoms, mommacan, has been trying the 3 Day Potty Training method with her 21 month old daughter, Sydney. Here's an update on how it's been going:

Day One:

It was pretty much what I expected it to be. Sydney went from wearing diapers for 21 months to wearing big girl panties overnight. I got her up dressed her in big girl underwear and a T-shirt and we started the day. Well, her dry underwear lasted about 10 seconds -- in fact, we went through 3 pairs in less than an hour.

The day got better, though. She had periodic accidents with her finishing in the potty about half of the time. The hardest part was being with her, following her around every second. If I took an eye off her, that is when she had an accident. I mean, I love my child A LOT but all that togetherness can be a challenge!


Day Two:

She started off a lot better. She started to discover how to hold it rather than having small accidents, and she would go all at once. She started to say when she had to potty and actually did potty 70% of the time. We only went through half of the underwear we did on Day Two as we did on Day One.

Also, on Day Two she started to gravitate more to my husband. She wanted him to take her to the potty, him to ask her if she had to go, and him to follow her around. It was a little bit heartbreaking, but also exciting. I mean, I wanted to be the super mom that trained my daughter, but really I am just the support staff and my husband is the coach. It has been a good bonding experience for them both.

Day Three:

It was even better. Every time she told us she had to go potty we took her (very fast) and she went. She said "potty" when she was pooping and finished in the potty. She had only had one accident that day (as I wrote this) and she said "potty" once, but then something shiny distracted her and she had an accident. But to go from no potty experience at all to only using the potty ... she is doing outstanding in my opinion.

I also asked mommacan,

How many pairs of underwear did you go through?

20 the first day, 10 the second day, and about three the third day.

Have you had any relapses, any urge to pull out a diaper?

None -- but I did think about it at nap time. She was so amped up she wouldn't sleep.

How is nightime training going?

I will admit that I am not so insistent about night training right now. She has so much going on in her head that she needs to sleep and process it. Plus she has a hard time getting back in bed at night. So we really are not night training. I stopped her liquids and hoped for the best. I did put a pull-up on her at night both nights so far ... she woke up wet both days. I guess we will worry about night wetting later and I am okay with that.

What is your feeling about this method so far? 

It's just amazing how she started to grasp the concept of the potty in just a couple of days. Every morning she gets it a little more. It will be exciting to see how she is on day 4, 5, 6, etc. But I am not a fool. I know she will have accidents and I know on special occasions I may even consider putting her in pull-ups.

Whatever happens these three days have been very interesting and quite challenging! Now the hard part begins ... maintaining and improving on her success. We'd planned to leave the house today for a short time today, so we will see what happens. :)


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