Weaning a Co-Sleeper--More Mom Tips

toddler in big kid bed

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IMO, there's nothing better on these cold winter mornings than snuggling with your toddler under a cozy comforter. But I've been talking to moms about how to wean co-sleeping toddlers when the time comes to move them to a big kid bed.

Lsmom already told me how she got her 21 month old to love sleeping in her own bed in her own room, and today I'm dishing out some of the best how-to advice from around CafeMom.

Buy a special bed "A twin bed is preferable to a toddler bed. This way, you can lay down with him until he is asleep. That is what we did with our oldest DD. It was a struggle at first, and I think I actually had to lay with her until she was 4, but it eventually worked. I still lay with my son till he falls asleep and he's 2 1/2!" kristielee79


Hold hands "I put my son's toddler bed right next to my bed and held his hand for a week. The second week he didn't really need my hand. I moved his bed against my wall, and then we got him a new bed and decorated his room with Superman. He has a trundle bed underneath his bed and my hubby spent a few nights on that.  He was pretty good after that.  I was sure he would end up coming into our bed way more than he did." trish_27

Do the sleepy switch "Let him fall asleep in your bed, but once he's asleep, move him to his bed. After about a week of this, start putting him in his bed and stay until he has fallen asleep. Work your way up to the solo bed like this. It may take a while so be patient, or else you may be faced with a complete breakdown that will set you back dramatically." Miranda1127

Go Ferber Lite "I would lay him in his bed and tell him night-night, pat his back, and walk away. Well, he cried and cried. I went back in after ten minutes ... after about 2 hours, he went to sleep. The next night, I didn't wait the full ten minutes. I stood there patting him. I'd walk away and maybe wait 8 minutes before going back in. It took about an hour that night, and the next night he didn't cry at all when I put him in his bed, so I patted him till he fell asleep. You have to be firm and consistent, you are not being mean by letting him cry for a few minutes." mamaxs4

Have a bedtime story marathon. "At night, read stories until he is almost asleep and try to sneak out. You might have to read until he is asleep for the first few times." mommyjulia

Read the book, Goodnight, Sleep Tight "My dear friend suggested this book -- her pediatrician had recommended, and it was a Godsend! It is a very gentle approach that worked with my parenting style and has chapters for each age category. I, for one, do better when I can follow a plan." MomtoAidanCole

Any transitioning tips you'd like to add?

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