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2008 was a milestone year for our family -- I can't believe it's over already. My son started kindergarten, my daughter entered preschool, and CafeMom gave birth to Daily Buzz!

I'm so happy to be here. And I know that 2009 will be just as great as 2008, especially if I can live up to some of these personal fulfillment goals. I have hope that I'll be able to do at least a few of them this year (but probably not the chocolate one).

So here goes. I resolve to ...

Play with my kids a lot more. Those dirty dishes will just have to wait. The older and more independent my children get, the more I realize how truly precious and temporary these moments are.

Go for more walks. It's the only exercise I get, and my only hope for getting back into shape.

Get to know more of you. There are so many wonderful moms out there that I've yet to meet!


Rediscover patience. Stress is not good for anyone, least of all my kids.

Pare back on chocolate. I'm addicted, and it has to stop (for the most part).

Be more charitable. My time is just as valuable as my checkbook.

Here's wishing everyone a happy and shiny 2009!


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