Toddler Dance--Cute or Disturbing?


First off, let me just say that Arianna here is one talented little girl. No question about that. And her little dance number is absolutely adorable and innocent -- in the protection of her living room, for mom's and family's eyes only.

I'm not sure if I'd want this video of my leotard-ed daughter "out there" for the world to see. Are some of her moves, to the Beyonce song "Single Ladies," a bit too salacious for a 3-year-old? And is MTV really age-appropriate programming for an impressionable toddler.

What do you all think?


Do you find anything inappropriate about this totally public video?

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pamalou pamalou

No I don't think it's inappropriate!! It's a kid having fun!!!  Gosh, I would love to see more kids dancing and smiling.  I think you've got way too much time on your hands to worry about this!!!

Mothe... Mother2oneboy

No. This is a little girl having fun, shes up and moving. Some of you are way too uptight. God fobid this kid have fun right?


Kelly913 Kelly913

I think she's got talent and hope that she is exposed to good dance teachers while she has the desire to learn.  I didn't like the part where she spanked herself being shown on the internet (too many WEIRDOS out there), but I didn't think it was overtly "sexy" or anything like that. 

momof... momofsaee

I don't think this child did anything wrong other than just copy  what she saw. I don't make it a habit to tune into Mtv all that often so you won't see my kids dancing to Beyonce. I do like that song, though. I think it was poor taste on the mothers part to post it on the net. Not cool.

Jazak Jazak

I think it is cute.  I don't know that I would post it online, just because there are so many perverts that will see it for more then it is.  She is having fun and she is moving.  Much better then a couch potato!

Norah... NorahSethsMommy

At first glance (I saw this some time ago) I thought it was cute and funny, but I see your point. Not exactly appropriate content for a child that age and to put it on youtube where every perv out there can do his thing to pics of a toddler dancing like Beyonce is very disturbing to me. It might be cute to do at home for your own amusment (it's not like the song and video are dirty or anything), but I would not display my toddler on the internet like this.

Margee30 Margee30

hey, im all for the lil girl having fun, getting her lil heart pumping at home in her livingroom.  but lets not forget here, the mom has choose to put her little daughter on Youtube for the world to see, in her leotard, dancing to a kinda provocative song, if you ask me.   im sorry, but i see something wrong w/that.  There is much more kid friendly songs and cute dresses to paste all over the internet.....just my opionon!

Jeram... JeramiasMom

I see both. I don't think that MTV is appropriate for a toddler, but she is also just dancing and probably not seeing anything wrong or "salacious" about it. I think that there are better ways for her to watch dancing than MTV.

My 2.5  son, who has never seen any MTV or any other type of dancing like that... when he hears music he starts 'dancing' in a wiggle,  grinding way that my DH gets embarrassed by! hahaha You would think he was a back up dancer for Britney Spears! haha But he doesn't know, he thinks he is dancing great!

On the biggest hand.... I won't think the video being posted to the world is a good thing. To many weirdos out there. I don't post public pics or videos of my son at all!!

tracy... tracylynnr67

It's a little girl having fun. My oldest son is 22yo and when he was 3 he would walk around imitating Gene Simmons of KISS, right down to pretending to spit blood with a cardboard bass around his neck that hubby made for him. It was only spit but we knew it was supposed to be blood. He watched our videos with us and there were quite a few videos with scanitly clad girls back then. It didn't hurt him or his brothers. I don't even disagree with the mother posting the video. That's another thought though and I don't feel like rambling.

momma... mommaluvsbaby

Honestly its not disturbing to me. All kids of all ages are impressionable. I think the parenting choice of letting them watch and act out the music video is fine. I personally wouldn't have put it on the internet because of the crazies, but thats me. Now, I know that these types of music vidoes portray some stuff thats a little in your face so to speak, but the little girl is just having fun, doesn't understand the whole sexual aspect of the video, but does understand it is fun. I think as long as its amongst family and some friends, its just cute, but if its done for other reasons then you'd have a problem. Teenagers/older kids is when I might have a problem honestly because they understand. If it were a teenager it would feel off to me, but again they understand, whereas a toddler is just having fun dancing.

JMO, don't take anything as offensive please, thts my intention...and I don't think I said anything that would offend, but just in case cuz you never know. Also, I'm not a very good writer so if I annoyed you, sorry lol.

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